Welcome to Whispering Valley

You'll never know who, or what, you'll find in Whispering Valley. Just ask Absinthe Penelope Crawford, or "Sin" as she prefers to be called. When she came to live in her aunt's home after the old woman died, she met Gower, Baen and Enos MacDuirmad, vampire triplets. And local woman Ana is less than thrilled when her past-life paramor shows up the the form of panther-shifter Eli Panteres.

A haven for outcasts or those who just don't fit into "normal" society, Whispering Valley is home to vampires, shifters, witches and fairies. The Rocky Mountain community is bewitched so only those who belong there will see the turnoff sign on the highway. That doesn't always prevent outcomers, as they are known, from finding a way in, though.

Visit the character bios, including some of the secondary regulars along with a glossary a glossary, and preview the romance trading cards for the MacDuirmad brothers from Demon of Desire.