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Demon of Desire

First in the Whispering Valley series.

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The only consolation Sin has for moving into her aunt's creepy Victorian house is the handymen who come with it. Triplet vampires Baen, Gower and Enoch are yummy enough to tempt her from her self-imposed celibacy and make her forget she's well on her way to becoming a cat lady.

The brothers instantly recognize Sin as their mate, but realize they need to ease her into the idea of being loved by three vampires. Then a sex-craving demon takes control of Sin's body and seduces the men, forcing them to make a rash decision with her life.

The demon is banished but the desires remain. Three men might be enough to satisfy Sin, but before she can find out, the demon returns. She must face her fears and discover her true self to have a chance at eternity with her men.


Strangely, she wasn't embarrassed to be standing naked before him. She arched her back slightly, lifting her full breasts to him. Understanding her need, he licked and sucked at one while cupping the other in his hand.

Enos worked her flesh slowly, kneading, tasting, running his tongue over the skin between the mounds as he moved to suckle the other breast. Sin's heart sped erratically, as if it couldn't keep up with the blood coursing through her veins.

When he pulled back and met her gaze, her breath caught. What she'd read in his eyes as possession had softened into something needy yet giving. Like his greatest pleasure would be to see her satisfied.

She cupped her hand around his neck and pulled his mouth to hers. At the same time, he lifted her legs to wrap around his waist. He slid a finger between her labia. "You're wet."

"I'm waiting for you to fill me."

"Not yet." His middle finger spread her juices around as he stroked back and forth, avoiding her clit. She rocked toward his hand. With a chuckle, he dipped his finger deep inside her.

Sin whimpered. The explosions of passion spreading upward were more a response to his touch, his smell and taste, than her sexual dry spell. Resting her head on his shoulder, she nibbled at the cord of his neck. Her tongue laved over his pulse there and her hips began to thrust to the rhythm of his heartbeat. As she sucked, her teeth lengthened, but she fought the urge to bite.

Enos matched the rhythm with his hand, thrusting deep and withdrawing, as she moved faster. Then his hand disappeared and she heard his belt unbuckling. She lifted herself to give him room.

He lowered them to sit on the couch, adjusting her knees on either side of him. She sat back on the bunched fabric of his jeans and shorts and reached for his erection. Wrapping her fingers around the base, she felt a wave of feminine power wash over her at his gasp.